søndag den 10. marts 2013

New mooc. New experience #h817open

Here we go again. And I'm looking forward

I'm a teacher in the European school af Bruxelles 1
My subjects are integrated science (biology, physics and chemistry), human science (history and geography) and ICT. I've been here in Belgium for almost 7 years now. 

I used to teach in Denmark where I worked a lot outdoors. We moved the classes to areas in a forrest or a former gravel pit. I love to teach that way. When I came to Bruxelles I had to stay indoors in a class room all day, every day. It was simply too boring, so I started to include the computer a lot. 

As a teacher in Denmark I usually got a lot of new inspiration from team work, courses or network. Here in Bruxelles I was suddenly all alone. Even though I spent  some of my holidays with my old networks, my inspiration started to lack. Then about a year ago, February 2012, I enrolled for a module (games and didactic design) of the Master in ICT and Learning in the University of AAlborg, Denmark. It was a great succes, and I wanted more. In August I signed up for Web2beviset, which is an online course about web 2.0 tools and how to use them didactic.   

During the autumn I heard about Coursera and signed up for a few courses. I didn't have the time it required, so I was just a sort of lurking around. 

But then I found the course E-learning and Digital Cultures. It seemed very interesting, and I decided I wanted to work properly with this. It became an amazing experience. I loved the course materials as well as the inspiring communities around it. When the course ended a few weeks ago, I was more than ready to start all over again. So when some of my edc peers wrote about #h817open, I signed up. 

So here I am :)

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Deborah L Gabriel, PhD, MD sagde ...

Wow, You can teach anything. I am impressed, seriously; but I am most impressed with being able to take the classroom outdoors. That is where science really takes place, besides being just more pleasant. I guess you are now in a more structured and/or urban environment? Less progressive?

And goals, I just made that up to get my blog registered quickly without putting much energy out.

Anonym sagde ...

Welcome aboard Gitte, your input will be really useful I am sure.

Nat Nelson sagde ...

I think there should be more teaching outdoors, it feels so much better!