fredag den 15. marts 2013

Activity 3: Representing open education

Activity 3:The two resources you’ve just read and viewed provide views on different aspects of what
openness means in higher education.
Create a visual representation that defines openness in education by drawing on some of the concepts listed in Weller and Anderson  

For my artefact this week I've used Prezi. 
And for the first time I tried to work with Powtoon. The Powtoon animation is a part of the Prezi presentation.

I've been inspired to the form of the artefact mainly by a game we used to play, when I was a young girl. We wrote our names, and then we let each letter represent a word. The words had to tell something about us. 
I've played the same game with the letters OPEN in openness. Instead of one single word, there is a video and/or some text connected to each letter.

A few more words about the background for some of my choices.

Apart from Martin Wellers article I was inspired to O by the TEDx talk by Jerry Michalski , where he mentions how the time and not the learners is in charge of the learning process.

I chose Nokia simply because it was a N and I had just watched a danish broadcast from the World Mobile Congress about their Lumia 520.