lørdag den 30. marts 2013

Activity 9. Choose a Creative Commons licence.

For your blog content and other material you produce, consider which of the Creative Commons licences you would use, and justify your choice. 


All this CC is new to me. First time I heard of it, was during the EDC-mooc. For years I've collected a lot of ressources from the internet and posted them on my own website. The website, that I use to facilitate my students learning. 
I must admit, I have absolutely NO idea of which CC licences the collected materials have. So I don't feel I have any right to put a CC licence on my site, until I have sorted out any licences on the collected materials. But I will certainly be aware of this in the future.

For my blogs it's easier. All my blogs are quite new, and I've only shared my own or open content. Here I've chosen the CC - BY - SA. I like and benefit a lot from the culture of sharing, so it would be wrong to deny other people to share my stuff. And if somebody wants to  re-use or re-shape it, and showed me the result, I think I would feel proud. Or at least think it was fun. 

So, deciding a licence was easy. To put it on Blogger was more difficult. I tried to add it as a gadget, but couldn't make it work. Then as a last desperate try I wanted to add it as a gadget in the bottom of the screen and VOILA it worked. The gadget "Configure HTML / JavaScript" did the trick :)

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