søndag den 29. september 2013

Another media to check out: oil painting

I have started to play around with oil paint. This is so much fun. 

Thursday last week I went to my first art class. It was an IRL or OFFLINE class in the evening in an old beautiful house near Montgomery in Bruxelles. 
No MOOC thing. Just 10 students :)

We had to practice color blending by making a copy of a "real" picture. We were given red, yellow , blue and white acrylic paint. 

I found it a little hard as I prefer more colorful pictures and the one I was given was very soft and pale. Anyway. After two hours we were told to stop and this was the result:

As you can see the course is not a waste of money. There's plenty of room for improvement :)

Of course I couldn't help it. Had to use it with a gif: 

We were told to buy our own paint for the rest of the course, and our teacher advised me to buy oil paint. So I did.

Yesterday afternoon I began a new painting. Colorful. Painted wet in wet. Still not finished.

It´s incredible how the painting shapes and grow out oft the colors in a way I didn´t predict. 
I´m used to work on the computer, where I control every step of the picture. If anything goes wrong you always have the undo button. In the wet oil I had to deal with all my errors in another way, so I was certainly not in control in the same way.

And when I stand back, look at it and thinks " Wauw, I did this". 
It´s fantastic to have this feeling in an age of 47 :)

fredag den 6. september 2013

CIC week 1. My life ring


Draw your Life Ring. You can use the template above, or create your own template. Focus on roughly 5-9 major life arenas where you will invest your time, with self, family, work, and community (SFWC). Put your “master in the middle”; this is the primary driving force behind all your decisions – and in every life, there can only be one master. If you try to have more than one master, eventually your Life will intersect events so that you have an “identity quake”, and must choose your primary master. Under each arena bubble, list those most important habits that you will commit to each day or each week.

Here is my life ring. I chose to make it as a Thinglink image, where the sub points shows up, when you click the "touch" mark. I prefer this sort of "more clean" image.