fredag den 6. september 2013

CIC week 1. My life ring


Draw your Life Ring. You can use the template above, or create your own template. Focus on roughly 5-9 major life arenas where you will invest your time, with self, family, work, and community (SFWC). Put your “master in the middle”; this is the primary driving force behind all your decisions – and in every life, there can only be one master. If you try to have more than one master, eventually your Life will intersect events so that you have an “identity quake”, and must choose your primary master. Under each arena bubble, list those most important habits that you will commit to each day or each week.

Here is my life ring. I chose to make it as a Thinglink image, where the sub points shows up, when you click the "touch" mark. I prefer this sort of "more clean" image.

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