fredag den 24. januar 2014

Week 1

BerkeleyX (23.1.2014, 5 weeks)

ColWri2.2x Principles of Written English

Week 1 additional Homework

Choose three new words that you discovered doing this week's assignments and create one sentence for each. Be creative. Post them in the discussion area in this unit. 

New adds to my vocabulary:
a dandelion 
minted purer silver and gold coins
to be ascertainable by assay

I chose to write a short text, where I could have some fun  merging in the new words and expressions. Such a pleasant activity while I enjoyed  a coffee and the fact that the weekend just had started. 

To write a text and not just separated sentences forced me to look up more words, at least to ensure myself that the words in my mind actually existed in the real world. Being a Dane living in Brussels I mix up the languages and often I create my own expressions. 

This has been a fun activity and I look forward to the second week of the course. 


The glimmering sunlight penetrated the water surface  and hit the sunken treasure. It made it  look like the coins emitted a golden light. A light that reminded him of the dandelions in the fields next to his grandpa's house. Ooh that well known feeling spread as waves throughout his body. Grandpa's fields.  It must have been in another life time. In another world. Light years away from his life as a gold smith. The kings specialist in minting coins. 

The silver coated fish were playing or hunting (he was not the one to tell) among the stems of the lily pads. Their bodies too were flashing bright glimpses in this almost supernatural underwater light. He had enjoyed the ride. He had liked the purity and accuratesse  in the work with the metals. He gained high leveled skills in both the production and in the processes of assay. Small bubbles of his last breath escaped from his ironic smile as he reminded himself that it was that very thoroughness that brought him here. His scathing critic of the deception in the use of alloys for the coinage had brought him into the deep water. Literally. 

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