søndag den 12. maj 2013

Activity 25. Reflection on openness

To activity 25 I had to create a video, in which I had to reflect on what I learned in h817open, covering one of three elements. I chose 

  • What aspect of openness in education interests you most (and why)? 

I wanted to create the video by remixing common licence ressources with my own stuff (photos, screen casts from my former h817open blog posts etc). By purpose I made it a little messy to illustrate the diversity, that powers the networks and learning processes. 
Please have a look below  :)

Tech I used to make the video:
  1. Screencast-O-Matic
  2. Pixlr.com
  3. iMovie
  4. FLV Spider Pro
  5. Jaksta

Remixed / revised video clips:
  1. Wheat Time lapse
  2. Bean time lapse
  3. Dave Cormier, Embracing uncertainty

Remixed / revised photos:
  1. bluebell, by Dominic's pics on Flickr
  2. Network, by Dan Zen
  3. Road, by Moyan Brenn  
  4. Class, by Trondheim Byarkiv
  5. Dave Cormier, by cogdogblog
  6. Stephen Downes, by Stephen Downes
  7. OER, by Martin Weller
  8. Smiley, by Glitter Graphics 

Remixed / revised music:
  1. Soleil levant, Waxstar on www.jamendo.com

Awarded with Badge 14.05.13

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