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Final assignment #edcmooc

Thanks to the team from Edinburgh University the past few weeks have been quite a voyage back and forward in time. It has been fascinating to see so many bids on the future and the related thoughts about dystopia, utopia, metaphors and humanity. A little shocking to realize how far we already are in this technological evolution. And both ironic and appropriate that we ends our mooc with the release of the Google glasses. I wanna have 30 pairs of them for my class asap. 
The iPad's dead. Let's go google glassing.
Source: http://www.ideasevolved.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/google_project_glass_clippy-e1333627980481-580x424.jpg
Thanks to my fellow mooc'ers I have been able to dive into a wide and varied field of interesting discussions and thoughtful posts about anything presented by the Edinburgh team and about anything else this could relate to. I have not yet had the time to see everything, but I know where to find it, and I will continue this study after the official final. A grateful Thank You for all your posts and comments. During this course I've evolved a digitale self. Funny to see it happen as you read about it :) I've never participated in such a lively and inspiring, worldwide network before. It's been a pleasure and I'm going to miss it.

Some notes describing my thoughts about "digital technology and learning in the future":
  • For me learning, now and in the future, is a result of our minds interpretation of our physical and mental experiences. And our possibilities to change our experiences almost like we want to , increase with the further evolution of digital possibilities.
  • Technology will be able to make learning accessible for more people by removing the factors that otherwise stops them from participating in the learning processes. Not only by artificial cyborg body parts, but by minimizing the barriers for the mind as well by letting the technology act like a filter (like in persuasive technology), gamification (eg Sight) or simulation (eg World Builder)

    As always in history people around the globe will not have equal acces to get in possession of the new technologies. Unless the global politics change radically and quick, this will make an even deeper inequality between populations and end up in very different thinkings about being human (eg Steve Fuller and
    Transhumanist Declaration)

    Being a teacher for kids in the public school in the Denmark, I think my frames for teaching will be dramatic changed over the next 25 years. I do not believe it will make teachers dispensable, but it sure will change our role / roles. Already now this is the reality as the students gets so much information from so many medias and  sources.
  • Technology can place the teaching subject in a context where it is more fun/ real/ motivating to dive into and easier to understand (eg A day made of glass)
  • Despite the technology, the human interacting between teacher and students will still be of significant importance. The feeling of belonging in a social group with people you're somehow related to, makes the learning proces more interesting and valuable for everybody. My own experience here is, that building this relationship only online is more demanding for the students ( Succes in a MOOC) and not everybody will be able to do this. And I don’t find this model useful for all kinds of learning. For instance kids will need the closer irl contact with their teacher / mediator /guide.
  • For me the utopia of digital learning is, when learning is the way to a deeper understanding of the real world. Learning will always need to have connections to the non-digital world. And a big part of learning will still be happening without the digital technologies. But the digital part will provide teachers and students with tools, simulations and independence (of time and space) that will stretch learning way beyond the boundaries of today.

I've had some fun and been playing around with some of these thoughts. The result is this video from a future me:

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