torsdag den 31. januar 2013

Technology as a child of knowledge?

I can`t help thinking of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They caused the condemnation of man by biting the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. This act lifted them out of their childlike innocence and into the need of being responsible for their own lives and happiness. Being responsible means for me also to find new and improved solutions. And the technology is one of the answers to that.

Ever since the Sumerians invented writing, or rather evolved writing, or even before that, when we learned how to use the first tools of stone, bone and tree the technology has made human life easier. And on the same time, it has made us more powerful, which of course calls upon an even bigger responsibility for how we choose to use the technologies. The stone axe can be used both to kill a child and to build a shelter for a pregnant woman. The computers can be used both to control  drones killing civilians and to save lives in hospitals.

I would say the technology is evolving in the common field between needs, possibilities, resources and curiosity/ fantasy. To put the technology itself in control of this evolution is wrong.

It is of course impossible as an individual  to be in control of the evolution and use of technology. But as a global civilization we do have the control together. This is one of the reasons to improve education and democracy globally.

And I can't help smiling by the fact, that the logo of some of my favourite tech- devices is an Apple. Yes I read the book, and yes Steve Jobs said it was just a coincidence. But I still love that coincidence.
So here it is. The Apple who started our voyage towards more and more  technology :)

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